Rise of a New National Style, Zoland Animation and Youku’s New Co-production “Miraculous Healer” Officially Launches - 29 June 2021

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Zoland Presents

Animation & Media Content

More than 2,000 hours of wide-ranging content of diverse genres that cater to all ages across all geographical territories, fulfilling the growing global demand for content on both traditional as well as new media platforms

Animation Technology R&D

State-of-the-art animation production facilities and technology for hire to fulfil the growing animation demands of film & TV, games, commercials, online videos, VR and AR productions

Professional Animation Services

With our strong and well-established capabilities based on professional and scientific production processes, Zoland truly understands our clients’ needs and wishes, and provides fully customized services for them, delivering high creativity, quality and value for their visual image and branding

Multimedia Products

VR, AR, experiential interactive applications for real-life education, entertainment, science, engineering, communication and commercial uses

Cultural Tourism

Zoland Digital Innovation Park and Zoland Amusement City provide visitors with an unforgettable experience. Be amazed in a behind-the-scenes tour by the latest AI and various innovative digital technologies that seamlessly blend with rich Chinese culture to produce remarkably advance yet creative world-class animations, or have fun with the family at an original Chinese animation-themed commercial complex that integrates education, entertainment, shopping and F&B

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