Rise of a New National Style, Zoland Animation and Youku’s New Co-production “Miraculous Healer” Officially Launches

This Labor Day holiday, besides receiving social media posts of images of packed tourist attractions, the animation industry has also been abuzz with activities.  On 2nd May, Youku Animation held its Spring Animation Launch Conference themed “Rise of a New National Style, Building A New World of Chinese Animations”, and announced a slate of 35 new animation titles to be featured in 2021. The new animation “Miraculous Healer” co-produced by Zoland Animation and Youku also made its first public appearance at this event.

This is a new national style fantasy story set in a modern urban background. The protagonist Lin Hao has been undergoing strict training by a mysterious international organization since young, and has become equipped with extraordinary skills in martial arts as well as healing, especially in the fields of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Growing up in an environment that does not value human life, he holds steadfast to his benevolent mission as a healer. With his strong love for his homeland and his countrymen, he risks his life to escape the mysterious organization and return to his home country. There, he meets a group of friends who are passionate and daring, and with their help, Lin Hao embarks on a dangerous confrontation against various evil forces, pushing him to the peak of his abilities, gradually unfolding the plot behind his return to seek his missing loved ones.

The animation celebrates themes of courage, growth, hope, youth, passion and friendship, which resonate with the young audience of today, and is filled with humor and captivating plot, showcasing the wonders of traditional Chinese medicine through the unique mode of animation, thereby promoting Chinese culture and tradition appealingly to the youth.

With the strong rise of the New National Style, more and more works of such style are gaining popularity among the audience and the market. Zoland Animation strives to discover new IPs with unlimited potential and expand into the growing online animation and new media platforms, to meet the demands of the audience of wider age groups. “Miraculous Healer” is the result of such attempt. It was adapted from an online novel and comic of the same title with a following of 12 billion readers. The original novel’s author is Clear Life, and the comic was adapted from it by Aurora Comic’s founder and CEO Liu Aba. It received several accolades including winning the Popular Work Award in Alibaba Literature Awards 2017, ranked 7th in Tencent Comics Paid Content Chart 2018, ranked 1st in New Media Youth Comic Chart for 2 consecutive editions, named Youth Comic of the Year by Comic Café etc. It has been published on more than 30 platforms domestically and abroad.

In addition, the “Miraculous Healer” animation will be produced with state-of-the-art AI performance capture animation technology, transforming the actors’ every detailed movement and expression in real time into high quality 3D VR animations, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of the production. Currently, the production team is already hard at work at ZJ1 Performance Animation Base, Asia’s largest such facility, and is scheduled to complete production in August 2021.