Insectibles (Africa and Latin America distributorship only)

When Zak’s Mom told him he’d be spending the long summer break at Grandpa’s house on the quiet side of town, he’d pictured himself stuck for six weekssorting rusty bolts with the old man. Turns out though that an unimaginable scale of adventures awaits him! Grandpa isan amateur inventor and a mighty fine one too! Having successfully retrofitted 3 very ordinary insects withthe most extraordinary bionic enhancements,he’s now finishing his masterpiece - The Shrinkinator! After aminor hiccup, Zak and Grandpa find themselves shrunk to insect size, with no way back! Now with the help oftheir 3 bionic pals - Syd, Chowser and Willow, the two find themselves facing challenges beyond their wildest dreams, not least the evil mosquito Adilla and her gang!

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Insectibles (Africa and Latin America distributorship only)




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