Swirl Fighter 3

In the world of competitive top swirling, legend has it that there once were 7 most powerful Swirl Fighters and best friends who made a pact to share a huge treasure among them, but one of them, Bas, decided to betray the rest and gain the treasure all to himself. Years later, Tiger, a young boy who aspires to be a top Swirl Fighter but doesn't want to put in the effort, learns about this legend, and finds himself unwittingly tasked to stop Bas' evil plan. First, he has to go through the rigorous and brutal training by Grandpa, and participate in the highly challenging top battles to prove his worth and rise up the ranks, before he can finally meet Bas and prevent the legend to come to a tragic ending. The journey to the top involves many exciting top swirling battles, promising to thrill the senses.

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Swirl Fighter 3

Action Adventure (6 - 12 years old)

Series 3 (2D)



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