Come aboard this train, let’s go on an adventure to Magic Eye’s Planet!

When we were little, we would look up at the stars in the sky

Wondering what the vast universe is like

If only we could have a walk in space

That’s what we often thought of

Now that we’re older, we still hold on to this belief

Pursuing this intergalactic dream



Come aboard this joyful animation-themed train

Let’s travel to Magic Eye’s Planet for an adventure!


In conjunction with the 16th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF), the Hangzhou Metro Line 1 has added an animation-themed train to its fleet.





Adhering to the theme of this edition of CICAF, Zoland Animation has designed a train cabin with the “Magic Eye Is Back” characters and to the theme of “Toward An Intelligent Future”, exuding a futuristic and high-tech look and feel. The train cabin transforms into a spacecraft, and welcoming the passengers are the Magic Eye family members clad in smart spacesuits. In the upcoming season of “Magic Eye Is Back”, Magic Eye will be bringing his Earthling friends to his planet for an adventurous visit…





Experience the beauty of the various planets in the universe right inside this train cabin. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter… all of them emitting mysterious cosmic energies. Behold! Magic Eye may pop in at one of the stations and invite the kids on board to join him as a space traveler!