Sailing on the Wind of Technology+Creativity Fusion Zoland Animation Announces Key Innovations at 16th CICAF

28th Sep 2020 – Press conference at the 16th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF). In attendance are Qi Xiaohu (Member of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Head of Publicity Department, Director of CICAF Executive Committee), Ren Qian (Director of CCTV Program Translation Center), Xu Xiao (Deputy Director of Zhejiang TV, Member of CICAF Executive Committee), and Nina Wu (CEO of Zoland Animation).


16th CICAF Press Conference



Deputy Head of CPC Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department and Secretary General of CICAF Executive Committee, Niu Jun, announced the 8 key highlights of this year’s event. He emphasized the importance of implementing President Xi Jinping’s proposed cultural development ideals, and following the directions of the Central, Provincial and Municipal Committees, in exercising creativity, pragmatism and proactiveness, to push the CICAF to become a landmark platform to showcase truly high quality Chinese animation products and emerge as a leading international animation festival, thereby adding animations to China’s window to the world.




At the event, CEO of Zoland Animation, Nina Wu, launched a series of key innovations from the company centering on the core concept of “Animation+”, that combine cultural property, lifestyle and entertainment, and the latest technologies.


Nina Wu announcing Zoland Animation’s key innovations





Animation Production Using AI Technology


Working with an international team, and utilizing the latest computer imaging technologies, Zoland Animation has constructed ZJ1 Performance Animation Base – the largest such facility in Asia, which is capable of capturing up to 10 persons’ performances concurrently, enabling the real-time creation and animation of virtual characters driven by real-life performers. This brings about improvement in quality and efficiency, and reduction in production costs, and boosts the production of various digital contents including animations, games, short videos and live streaming. From the Zoland Digital Innovation Park, live streaming of real and virtual co-hosts is made possible, allowing live streaming e-commerce companies and retailers to creatively and effectively incorporate animation in their business activities.


ZJ1 Performance Animation Base

“Animation+Live Streaming+Retail”

IP Hosted Live Streaming E-Commerce 3.0


Zoland Animation’s original titles including the popular “Magic Eye” and “Rubi” series, amount to 170,000 minutes of animation content that have accompanied several cohorts of youths and children through their growing-up years. At the beginning of this year, Zoland set up the “Magic Eye Is Back” and “Rubi’s Growing Up Diary” channels on Douyin (China’s TikTok), and within 3 short months, they gained more than 2 million followers! With the help of AI performance animation technology, Zoland will next be carrying out live streaming e-commerce with virtual hosts, employing familiar Chinese animation IP characters to promote goods and participate in the fast-growing livestream retail economy.