October 02, 2020

From spring to autumn

We’ve witnessed the global fight against the pandemic
And also the growing advancement of the digital revolution

Digital technology is driving the rapid development of our society

In this 5G Age, technology and creativity come together

Zoland Animation is at the forefront of the trend

“Animation+Technology” is our theme at this year’s CICAF

What fun things are in store at Zoland’s booth?

Drop by and let Rubi be your guide


Traversing between real and virtual worlds

Rubi performs amazing magic show


At this year’s CICAF, Zoland Animation’s booth is designed with a cool and steady techno blue base color, and filled with the adorable characters from our family of animations, giving the visitor a comfortable and open feel. Elements of outer space, digital, network and AI technologies are evident. Standing on this seemingly high-tech stage, Rubi is a little nervous, as she is about to perform for the visitor an amazing super magic show.


Co-developed by Zoland Animation and Xmov, “Rubi’s Super Magic Show” utilizes Xmov’s advance VR livecast technology, to allow Rubi to traverse from the real world back into the animation world, and interact with the visitors in the real world from there, chatting and playing games with them in real-time. Isn’t that amazing? If you’d like to catch this super magic show, come look for Rubi at Zoland’s booth!

Always playful and game for some fun, Rubi may just pop up right beside you when you least expect it. If you wish to bump into her, try your luck at the following places:


  • CICAF Hall A
    Rubi will be roaming around in the hall together with Magic Eye, Lena and others at irregular intervals. If you do meet her in person, your day will be a lucky one for certain!
  • CICAF Alternate Venue
    The alternate venue at Zoland Amusement City will have activities such as Sichuan face-changing performance, shadow puppetry, real-life roly-poly toy, flash mob, and other cultural showcases. Rubi will make her appearance there too, to join everyone in taking in the rich Chinese culture.

Enroll in Rubi AR Class

Do you like to watch animation? Do you want to create your own animation? Rubi AR Interactive Intelligent Cloud Classroom will satisfy your creative bug. Here, you not only can watch interesting animations, you’ll get to make your own too! Choose your favorite character -> Fill it with a lovely color -> Place it on a beautiful background -> Design your character’s movements -> Dub a voice for your character -> Add a music score, and voila! Your own original animation is done! What are you waiting for? Come and fulfill your animation dream!

Entertaining the young and young-at-heart

Animated short videos playing all day round


After being amazed by Rubi’s magic show and attending her AR class, if you still want more, you can watch the light-hearted and humorous short videos on display. Produced by Zoland subsidiary Zhongbei Media, the short video series of “Rubi Growing Up Diary” and “Magic Eye Is Back” will be playing throughout the day. It’ll put a smile on your face as you enjoy the exhibition, and perhaps offer a life lesson or two as well.

There are many more fun and interesting activities at CICAF

Rubi will leave you to discover them by yourself

Don’t forget to visit Zoland’s booth at A1-5

And collect your festival goodies!