December 04, 2020

Kids across Europe can now watch Playground TV and Chinese animation such as Magic Eye is Back, Rubi, Panda Fanfare and several more original animated videos in Mandarin/Chinese

2nd December, 2020 - Families across Europe can now get full access to Playground TV’s streaming service with original content enjoyed by kids aged between the age of two and nine years. The service is now available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Playground TV has also added the popular Zoland Animation video content in Mandarin, which strengthens its portfolio of original content announced at the launch of Playground TV in the UK on November 5th.  Native language plays a crucial role in developing a strong sense of cultural heritage, identity and self-esteem for children, according to an article published on Independent Education. (Source: IE Today)

“Providing kids with easy and safe access to animated video content in their native language can be a major challenge for parents with small kids” says Daniel Nordberg, founder of Playground TV. Playground is a dedicated multilingual streaming service that is on a mission to help kids get access to video content in their native language safely and easily. “We are excited to announce availability of our service to more children in Europe and the work with Zoland Animation to bring popular Chinese series like Magic Eye is back, Rubi, and Panda Fanfare to our service. The Zoland Channel on Playground will feature more than 10 Mandarin language series with over 300 episodes for our kids to enjoy”. 

The size of the Chinese speaking population living outside China and Chinese territories is around 45 million globally, and within that, 10 million people having migrated from China and 35 million that are direct descendants, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. (Source: U.S Census Bureau

”We are delighted to partner with Playground to bring our vast library of animated video content to Mandarin speaking kids across Europe.” Says Samantha Wong, Head of Global Distribution of Zoland Animation, ”Quick access to kids’ animated content plays a major role in their upbringing and cultural heritage and we are happy to team up with Playground to enable easy and safe ways to stream our ever growing & up-to-date animated videos.

About Playground TV 

Playground TV founded in 2019 has a mission to deliver great multicultural and multilingual video content to kids all over the world. We believe that kids identify with their cultural heritage through their mother tongue and this service will enable them to do this, with engaging, entertaining and appropriate content. We strive to be the first choice for multilingual families, exploring the world of animation. Playground TV can be accessed directly on or from Apple App StoreGoogle Play and Huawei AppGallery.