June 29, 2021

On 6th June, Zoland Animation held its 2021 New Stationery Product Launch event themed “Magic Eye’s Vision Into The Future” in Hangzhou, and presented more than 170 new stationery products across 15 categories based on popular animation IPs including “Magic Eye”, “Rubi” and “Panda Fanfare”. The President of China Chamber of Commerce for Private Cultural Industries, Vice President of China Animation Society and Chairman of Zhongnan Group, Mr. Wu Jianrong, shared in his speech about Zoland’s continuous effort in innovation and development, not only in the creative animated content that it produces, but also in the associated merchandise products derived from those IPs, under the company’s “Animation+” movement. The wide variety of new stationery, toy and food products introduced at the launch was proof of Zoland’s commitment, and received positive responses from the guests and partner merchants from all over the country.

Newly developed products like the Rubi-themed boron-free stress balls were particularly popular among the visitors. Building on the existing plasticine-based stress ball products currently in the market, Zoland made improvements to the materials, removing the harmful boron that affects human growth and development, so that it is healthier and safer for the consumer to use, especially youths who are still in their developmental stage. Also grabbing the visitors’ attention were the erasable pens, the thicker grasp-enhancement pens for older kids, the play-while-you-write brick crayons, and other unique new products.

Going forward, Zoland Animation will expand its animation IPs even further, focusing on new content, new designs and new channels, reaching into the wider age group market through online channels, to realize the full potential of its animation property.