A Mother's Guilt

A Mother's Guilt


Sonya Alipio is a selfless single mother whose world revolves around her family. While she does everything she can for them, she focuses on her son Paco, who was born with a heart condition. But when Paco suffers a near fatal heart attack, a desperate Sonya agrees to a grim deal where she does the unthinkable and takes a man's life to save her son's. Paco survives, but Sonya has to live with the guilt of her crime.  Many years later, Sonya’s conscience continues to hound her especially when she befriends Jean, the widow of the man she murdered. Further complications arise when Paco falls for Anna, Jean’s independent daughter who hasn’t moved on from her father’s death.

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Listing Details
Program Type:
Philippines Drama
Episodes & Runtime (Minutes):
54 x 45 mins HD
Tagalog (English Subtitles)
Production Details
Year of Production:
Available for Non-exclusive OTT